Home Birth is cheaper its official!

Having attended a conference recently where Dr Mary Stewart and Dr Juliet Rayment were lecturing on the “Birthplace Findings”.They included the costs of a normal birth in each of these settings.
Obsteric Unit.
The cost of a normal birth is £1631

Alongside Midwifery led Unit.
The cost of a normal birth is £1461

Free Standing Birth Unit.
The cost of a normal birth is £1435

Home birth
The cost is £1063.

The really interesting thing about these costings is that for homebirth the calculation included 2 Midwives in attendence and even with a hospital transfer and a hospital birth the costs are still less!

Now I am not advocating you stay at home to save the NHS money ! No my reasons to direct you to giving birth in an out of the Obstetric Unit setting are the following chilling Statistics
If you are planning to give birth in the Hospital Obsteric Unit and you are low-risk then you are 4 times more likely to have a C-Section!
Rates for C-Section outcome for each setting.
Obstetric Unit 11.1%
Home birth 2.8%
Free Standing Birth Center 3.5%
Alongside Birth Center 4.4%

You really have to concider the findings of this Multi Center Research if you are wanting to avoid a C-Section the message is if you are low risk Stay Away From the Obstetric Unit!
Ok You are not yet convinced! If you are planning a normal delivery for your baby and for this study the definision was;
1. A spontaneous onset of labour.
2. Labour is at Term.
3.No Epidural pain relief
4. No Episiotomy.

If you choose to give birth at home and you are low risk you have a 30% higher rate of achieving a normal birth than if you go to the Obstetric Unit.
Rates for Normal Birth outcomes for each setting.
Obsteric Unit 57.6%
Home 87.8%
Freestanding Unit 83.3%
Alongside Unit 76%

One of the Obstetricians that was interviewed in the study summed up the role of the Dr…

“Obstetricians medal so keep women away from us and that way they will do better!”
To read the findings for yourself www.npeu.ox.ac.uk/birthplace

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